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" A promising future is most often the result of a legendary past.
Founded on the footsteps of breed legends, looking to a future filled with great promise".

~ Bronze GrCh Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo ~

Photo credit:
  • Randy Baily

  • Crisanda Affens

    Momo is shown above with her breeder Cammi Bailey and directly below finishing her Bronze Grand Championship on 11/15/13. With that great win Bauhaus Kennels was thrilled to announce their second Bronze Grand Champion Medal winner (100 points!!!!) GrCh Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo, proudly handled from the bred by class all the way through the 100 points by her human mama, Camala Bailey! Dare I say they were very PROUD!

    ~ Bronze GrCh Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo ~

    Photo credit:
  • Randy Baily

  • Momo is another example of the quality of Affenpinscher we seek here at Crisanda. In addition to being a lovely monkey she's a lovely addition to the lines I have here already. I was so excited to be able to have this sweet monkey come reside with me here at Crisanda. Her pedigree will blend wonderfully with my other Affens and maybe one day she may produce a few lovely puppies. Her first litter with her breeder produced a litter of 8!!!

    She's such a beautiful, sweet girl. I thank her wonderful breeders for choosing to share their lovely girl with me. I appreciate your freindship greatly.

    Shown below Momo aka Ch. Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo who won a five point major going select at the supported entry in North Carolina at the Affenpinscher National! She shows like a rock star!


    ~ Bronze GrCh Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo ~
  • Randy & Camala Bailey
  • Owner:
  • Vickie Ehrlekrona
  • ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
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