Welcome to Crisanda Papillons & Affenpinschers...

Fifty years of dedicated commitment to the sport of purebred dogs.

" A promising future is most often the result of a legendary past.
Founded on the footsteps of breed legends,looking to a future filled with great promise".

"Our 40th year of butterflies is here..."

Welcome to Crisanda Papillons & Affenpinschers...

Hello, my name is Vickie and I am the owner of Crisanda Papillons & Affenpinschers™. I thank you for dropping by today, and I welcome you to my large and informative site! I have been told by many, many visitors that my website is user friendly, and beautiful. Thank you, I just happen to agree!

Crisanda's beautiful logos are the creation of my dear friend:
  • Julie Baldani Photography

  • I am an AKC Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club, a PCA Judges Education Mentor, and I have been a member in good standing with the Papillon Club of America since 1984, and the Affenpinscher Club of America since 2013. I also belonged to the Columbine Papillon Club based in Colorado while it was still active. I have shown and titled numerous breeds of dogs in both breed and obedience since 1978, but have been exclusively breeding and showing Papillons since 1982 and Affens since 2013. I have served on several PCA committes throughout the years; PCA JE Mentor, PCA Color Comittee, Pap Talk Committee, serving as a regional reporter, proof reading advertisements, and the PCA Reflections Committee. I am the List Moderator/Owner of an on-line group; The Original Phalcne List(founded 1998), and I'm a member of about twenty more!

    The beautiful Papillons that grace the pages of this website took over 50 years of pedigree research, skill, knowledge, heartache and dedication,and as a result Crisanda was able to produce lovely, typey Papillons Crisanda was known for.

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    Current Banner photos taken by Vickie Ehrlekrona
  • Julie Baldani Photography