Crisanda Papillons.....Thirty one years of dedicated commitment to the Papillon breed.

" A promising future is most often the result of a legendary past.
Founded on the footsteps of breed legends,looking to a future filled with great promise".

~ Jennifer, Website Visitor ~

Vickie Hello,

I just wanted to tell you that you have the BEST site for Papillon information. You have the most complete and detailed information arranged in an easy to use format. I enjoyed reading through all of the information. Of the hundreds of Papillon puppy sites, I have yet to find a breeder that has the dedication you obviously have for the breed. I was saddened to read about the woman euthanizing her dogs. I had no idea anyone would even consider such a thing!

We have been looking for the right place to purchase a puppy (or young adult) for about 7 months. The right combination of price and quality is tough to find. If I had the funds to purchase a Papillon from you I would certainly fill out the application and go for it. While searching I will probably end up saving emough to visit you again.

Your Paps are adorable! Your site has helped me a lot. I wish that it was a bit easier to find while searching the internet. If there is something you can do to get the website listed more prominently you will reach far more people with this important information.

Thank you,


The beautiful Papillons that grace the pages of this website took over 30 years of pedigree research, skill, knowledge, heartache and dedication, and as a result Crisanda is able to produce lovely, typey Papillons today.

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