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JoJo's Story
The Journey Of A Dream

They say good things come to those that wait...sometimes they forget to tell you the wait can be long, the task great. So as this story goes, this simple piece of paper arrived in the mail today...July 23, 2010. To most it's a simple championship form. Many breeders have them and most, including myself, tuck them safely away in a file hidden from view, the title completed, the journey forgotten. this envelope was no different. The shape and size were familiar, the form inside a creamy white. Over the years I had seen many of these official forms arrive in my mail box so I knew exactly what it was, an AKC championship certificate. However, this one was very special because I never thought I would see it with this one special little dog's name on it. I knew immediately who's certificate it was when I pulled it from my mail box. I opened the envelope with care and purpose, and I gently slid the form out of the envelope taking care not to damage or wrinkle it. I savored the touch of this envelope as if it were a rare flower that would wither with my touch. The little piece of paper in all it's simplicity held great power because of the emotion and long journey attached to it.

Yes, it was just a piece of paper, however it was one of the most difficult pieces of paper I have ever worked to earn. Little did I know that when I started this journey with JoJo that in order for me to finally hold this plain little piece of paper in my hand it would take much effort, much time, diligence,teamwork, patience, and shear determination.

In thirty years as a breeder it turned out to be one of the most difficult goals I ever set out to accomplish as far as championship titles. It didn't come as easy as I thought it would. A beautiful bitch puppy was born in August of 2007. She had perfect markings, beautiful big ears, a wonderful love of life attitude, and as a six month old puppy she walked in to her first show and wins BOB over a I easy is getting her championship title going to be.

My pretty & happy JoJo quickly raced through her first 12 points and a major with BOB wins over specials as a puppy....however something happened along the way, we don't know what. Suddenly, when we were almost done JoJo had a change of heart and decided that the show ring & leash manners were not for her. Although completely leash broken and ring trained as a puppy she began misbehaving while gaiting; acting as if she had never been on a leash before in her life. She would enter the ring happy and joyful as she always did. She would do everything right: happy tail, happy attitude, bait, stack on the table, and show like a dream....UNTIL you went to gait her. She refused to behave and would go completely bonkers when asked to gait. Outside the ring she was fine on a leash, but inside the ring "something" created an anxiety and she would begin acting up big time.

We tried to work her through it...we tried everything...physical exams, different leashes, collars, bait, floors....nothing worked. Three professional handlers later, all with different handling styles, nothing worked. Jojo's winning ways quickly ended as she began to lose show after show, class after class. It was not because she lacked merit, rather her ring manners or should I say lack of them made her undeserving against well behaved dogs in the ring. That last 3 pt major proved elusive for JoJo and I and little did we both know that finding & actually winning it would turn out to be a hard fought battle that would take over two years to accomplish. As a breeder I had to take a hard look at reality and assess whether she was truly worthy of that title. I had to dig in and keep reminding myself that yes, she was indeed deserving of that CH title. Pure determination, tenacity, a twist of insanity, & just plain stubbornness to not give up to the frustrations and cost of this girl being so close, but yet so far often conflicted with my common sense; thus this one title cost me at least one an arm and both legs and I could have finished five dogs for what her title cost me...BUT finally reality set in and I came to my senses and made a decision. This was it for JoJo. One last set of shows. One last try. I was done because I knew she had done her part as best as a little dog knows how and it was time for her to come home.

In late May OF 2010 I decided I would give one final push to finish her; one last set of shows. I had made a promise to JoJo that if we couldn't get it done the end of June she could come home to her big yard and we'd forget the show ring, leashes, and this foolish CH dream of mine...(she never really cared if she was a champion or not). I pulled her from her handler and flew her clear across the country to be shown in two little out of the way weekend dog shows. On day one she kept us on pins & needles with her ring antics, but somehow managed to win WB, but quickly lost the much needed cross over/BOW for the major due to her acting up.

We had one last play left in the game and for her final show the strategy was to walk her to wear off all that nervous energy, and until ring time. So, early that morning the walking began...and what seemed like miles and hours she was brought to the ring totally worn out from all the exercise. She needed a nap I'm sure! It was the last chance we had, it was our hail Mary play.

In the final show of her career, and after miles of walking before show time, in typical " JoJo style" she fooled us all by baiting, gaiting, stacking and showing like a dream, thus ending her long show career as it had began; by going BOB over a special for her last major. The celebration began, the journey finally over.

In the end, looking back I am sure her title will be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in my breeding career. No one dog has ever challenged, frustrated, or rewarded me more. Ms JoJo's championship certificate! I think I did a happy dance for 2 days, ok maybe a week after she finished along with several other people who knew her. I have many championship certificates tucked away in files, but I'm afraid I'm framing this one! ;)

Thank you Mimi and Chris for getting this girl in the ring and making this dream come true. You did what three professional handlers failed to do! You finished her CH title and allowed her to finally come home to the big yard she so desperately loved as a puppy. JoJo and I are forever grateful. To see her roll in the grass on her back, twigs in her fringing and racing to catch Breeze and steal her toys warms my heart like fine spun gold glistening in the sunlight. Welcome home Jo Jo. You're finally home and you never have to leave or be put on a leash again. You're free at last to run and play in the big yard you love. You did it! You finally did it! You're finally home.

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