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Shipping 101

USDA Regulations

This ruling may effect you as a buyer on availability of shipping your new family member to you. Please contact me by phone so that I can explain these new regulations to you personally. No animals are sold directly from this site. We prefer you meet your new baby face to face to ensure the best match has been made for your lifetime together.

APHIS issued the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking May 16, 2012. The final rule was published in the federal register September 18, 2013 and went into effect November 18, 2013. This Rule would extend APHIS authority to include large segments of the retail pet trade as regulated under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), including pet species as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters, among others. The overreaching intent of the revision is to regulate sight unseen retail pet sales, which, without proof, APHIS claims have dramatically increased as a result of growing Internet usage. ....

Questions About Shipping

To Ship Or Not To Ship

The decision to ship your baby is a big one and we realize that. I am fully aware that in today's economy most buyers simply can't afford to take the time off of of work, or invest in the huge cost of airfare to board a flight to come to Montana to pick up their baby. I realize that very few families can so that is why I offer the option of shipping your baby to you. Should you want to fly to Montana to pick up your baby in person that is wonderful and we welcome you! I will gladly to pick you up at the airport, and spend the afternoon with you.I will return you to the airport in ample time, and off you go with your new baby! It's fun meeting new familes and it's helpful to be able to spend time with them explaining the care, developement, etc of their new baby. Most buyers that come fly in and out on the same day, but if you choose to spend the night we help set you up in a motel close to the airport with shuttle service.

Will They Be Safe?

It's a natural response of a caring new owner to ask if their puppy will be hurt or harmed during shipping. Of course nothing is 100%, but if I were not confident that one of my babies would be safe during flight I simply would not put them on a plane to be put in harms way just for the sake of shipping them. Yes, accidents can and do happen, but in thirty years I have not had one incident where one of my animals were mishandled during shipping to the point of being harmed or killed, nothing even remotely close. In thirty years there has been less than a handful of missed connections that were usually caused due to adverse weather conditions cropping up or mechanical problems on a flight, but every animal was well cared for during the delay, put on the next available flight, and arrived none the worse for wear, safely into the arms of their anxiously awaiting family members in the end.

Affenpinscher Shipping

In most instances can Affens ever be shipped. Their short noses can compromise them in hot weather and the risk of shipping them is to great.

What Is Involved?

When your puppy is ready to go, I handle and arrange all the shipping details for you so that you don't have to worry about any anything except getting to the airport on time to greet the flight and pick your new baby! Depending on the size of the airport most of the time you are direct to go to the cargo building to pick the puppy up, and on occasion the ticket counter. Your Papillon should arrive safely at it's destination within a reasonable period of time, and it has been my experience that the airlines take good care of them and they do arrive safely. The process is a bit different that booking a passengers flight and the It really is a painless process for the both you. The process is not a difficult one at all, however the terminology for novices can be something in which they are not familiar so I walk you through step by step until you feel informed and comfortable about the process.

What Does It Cost?

Should it be necessary for you to ship your new baby we do offer the service. All buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping and related expenses, and shipping is always in addition to the purchase price. The fee charged for shipping is $450.00 and this is collected in advance prior to shipping. This is an all inclusive fee, and is not to be considered an "itemized" fee. This is a fee charged to the buyer to cover all related expenses for shipping such as travel to and from airport, gasoline, airport parking, cargo shipping, shipping crate, vet health certificate and so on. There are no reimbursments should the costs be lower, and no additional fees should the cost be higher.

The Anxiety Factor

A buyer's anxiety is usually at it's highest a day or two right before shipping the puppy. Most new mom's and dad's just get really nervous at the thought of their new baby being put in a carrier and shipped across the country. Ideally, in a perfect world I would prefer to not ship any of my Papillons and would much prefer if every Papillon buyer could pick their babies in person, but the reality is that is not always practical in most cases so I offer shipping to my buyers. For over thirty years I have shipped my animals, (including my own valuable show dogs and breeding cats) all over the United States and to date no harm has ever come to one of them and they have arrived none the worse for wear.


The shipping date is always contingent on space on the planes, and weather. In most cases a Papillon can be shipped to an larger airport in your areas or city in less than 6 hours, in state less than 3 hours. We may have a direct flight from Billings to your city, however most connections from Billings will require a change of planes for the Papillon. Alaska/Horizon Airlines, Skywest/Delta, and Northwest airlines serve Billings International Logan airport. Weather restrictions always apply for cargo shipping, but not for Papillons that travel in cabin with their owner. Weather restrictions by the airlines determine when animal may be shipped. Extreme hot or cold weather conditions stop all shipping of pets. The Buyer is of course always welcome to come pick up their new Papillon in person, and a Buyer is always welcome to visit my home and the Savannahs in person before making a decision.


In most cases a Papillon can be shipped to an larger airport and arrive within in less than 6 hours, in state in less than 3 hours. It's imperative that a larger airport be used to ensure the best possible connections for the puppy. There are a few direct flight from Billings to Seattle, but most flights out of Billings will require at least one change of planes. Alaska/Horizon Airlines, and Delta airlines are the only airlines that serve Billings International Logan airport. "Airline approved" carrier (AKA kennel or crate)
Health Certificate
Rabies vaccination (need for vaccination is determined by age of Papillon)
Special plush crate pad (bedding) for shipping in colder weather

Cargo Shipping:

*Once again, all shipping and related expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.
*Cargo shipping is collected by the seller as most airlines now want the shipping pre-paid so in order to organize a good transition the Seller will collect all funds needed ahead of time to ship the Papillon or Savannah.
*Cargo shipping is *ALWAYS* in addition to the purchase price unless otherwise stated.

Pricing Is Subject To Change:

Until paid for, all prices for shipping and related expenses are subject to change without notice.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. You can easily reach me at:
Vickie Ehrlekrona
Crisanda Papillons & Affenpinschers
Phone: 1(406)661-2300

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